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You can park in the street, if you come before 5 pm 30, you can often find a place and it's free after 7 pm, or in public parking, 50 m from here. Parking Trémouille BD Trémouille You don’t need book it.


From Dijon station, it takes about 20 minutes on foot.
And 5 minutes by taxi (6-8 euros)
       3 minutes by tramway.
If you take tramway, takes Line 1 (direction Quetigny), stop République (the 4th).
From Place de la République, go to straight rue J.J Rousseau,
turn  right at the second (rue d’Assas),
and turn left at first. (rue Verrerie).
Our apartments is 41 rue Verrerie in the right side.


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